Occupational therapist

First it always important to understand what is Occupational therapist and what they do, basically they help patients improve their sensory and motor abilities during the post-stroke recovery period so patients can relearn valuable skills, including grooming, using a computer, and cooking. With these skills, stroke survivors can return to normal life.

Coming Homme organization works with qualified Occupational therapist to help patient recover fast. Many stroke survivors struggle to live regular lives because skills and movements that used to be simple are now challenging. Therapists help patients master daily tasks like dressing, bathing, writing, driving, and cooking. After regaining more functions, they can return to work. Thanks to occupational therapy, many patients can also continue a favorite hobby such as painting or playing a musical instrument. With time, dedication, and support, patients can recover, become more independent, and reclaim their lives.

According to SAEBO here’s what to expect when you need occupational therapy:

Most stroke patients need occupational therapy to be able to return to their daily activities. This therapy is important to the rehabilitation and recovery process because your therapist helps you relearn necessary life skills.

How Therapists prepare your home for safety and the best quality of life:

  • Evaluate the safety of your home and make suggestions.
  • Recommend equipment that makes your home more accessible.
  • Look at ways to set up your home so that you can better complete day-to-day chores.
  • Demonstrate and teach you one-handed techniques to do things like getting dressed, opening packages, preparing food, and using your computer.
  • Instruct your family or caregivers on how best to help you regain your independence and participate in the activities you enjoy.
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