Our Inception – The story of Avashna Moodley

Coming Home - Hospital2home services

Avashna Moodley began a new chapter in life on Christmas morning in 2011 when she woke up paralysed and confused. She had had a stroke at 41 years old and the direction of her life changed at that moment.

This means Avashna has personal experience as a stroke patient, mother, and wife unable to perform basic tasks at home. She also has personal experience as a professional who was unable to manage her business. This was the catalyst for setting up this NPO

“Through my own recovery, I was able to see the challenges and gaps in the treatment currently available to people who suffer life-changing illnesses. These include stroke, heart attack and other physically and mentally debilitating illnesses.”

She made the decision to use her 20 years of experience and skills as a successful entrepreneur to set up the Coming Home: Hospital to Home Support Program. This provides support to patients, their families, and their workplaces to fast-track recovery, and consequently, reintegration into society.

Who are we?


To empower chronic disease survivors and their families to get access to the best long term, good quality care, and rehabilitation.

Coming Home - Hospital2home services

Our Mission

To provide a customized medical support program to ensure rapid recovery in the comfort of the patient’s own home; hence decreasing the chances of re-admission to hospital whilst increasing the patient’s reintegration back into the family and society in general.

Coming Home - Hospital2home services

Our Goals and Objectives

The Coming Home support program was set up to benefit the survivors of chronic illness and the South African public. These are our primary objectives:

Coming Home - Hospital2home services

Provide a comprehensive home-based care service to patients affected by chronic illnesses. We assist from the diagnosis phase to long-term home-based care.

Coming Home - Hospital2home services

Develop the skills, capabilities, and resources of the caregivers. This will provide a continuum of care to their patients.

Coming Home - Hospital2home services