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SSF PSDD Presentation – Coming home

Surviving a stroke is the easy part,
for the survivor and their family,
the reality of living with the burden
of stroke when you return home,
herein lies the challenge!

Surviving a stroke changes your
dynamic and circumstances in life.
Sadly, there is a
major disconnect between
hospital care and post-discharge care
….until NOW!

Accessibility to materials regarding
information and understanding (manual)
• Cost of required and appropriate rehab
• Cultural beliefs and general myths
• Lack of transport
• Lack of awareness
• Lack of available support structures
• Lack of National registry, resulting in survivors
being lost in the wind

Lack of post discharge support
determines the outcome of recovery
• Results in broken
o Marriages
o Families
o Relationships
o Careers
o Lives

• PDSS is an online platform developed in collaboration with
the Stroke Survivors Foundation and US based Strokefocus.
• incubated and created by a team of stroke survivors.
• PDSS overcomes existing barriers preventing post-discharge
support in SA
• PDSS technology offers the path of least resistance allowing
us to provide support, care and information dissemination.

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